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Our Leaders

Michael Swanson



Michael Swanson is the founding pastor of In The Vine. Michael is a native of California, and has many interests, including guitar playing, spicy food, and hanging out in local coffee shops. But his greatest passion is helping people connect with Jesus and experience his life-transforming power. When he's not pastoring, Michael spends time assisting other church planters throughout southern California.

Prior to founding In The Vine, Michael was Associate Pastor at Holy Trinity Church in Costa Mesa. Although a philosopher by training, Michael has been active in ministry for eighteen years. He has served in various churches, as well as with Cru as an undergraduate. He earned a BA in Philosophy from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and an MA in Philosophy of Religion & Ethics from Talbot School of Theology. He also studied Anglican Studies at Azusa Pacific University. He and his wife Ansley live in Fullerton with their daughters whom they adore.

Ansley Swanson


Children & Youth Ministry

Ansley Swanson is the Director of Children & Youth Ministry at In The Vine. In addition to spending time with her husband Michael and their two little girls, Ansley loves intercessory prayer, cooking, and planning special times for her family. After studying Philosophy at USC, Ansley earned her teaching credential at Biola University and her Masters of Social Work at California State University Stanislaus. She earnestly desires that the children and youth of In The Vine learn to know and love God in a deep and abiding way, and that they learn to walk with Him in all seasons of life, pursuing His passions as their own.

Marsha Grim


Homeless Ministry

Marsha serves as the Homeless Ministry Leader for In the Vine. Her passion and joy is bringing the life-transforming love of Jesus to those experiencing homelessness in our community. Marsha loves to introduce others to homeless ministry and shares her passion for the “least of these” with everyone she meets.

Marsha leads a multi-church Ministry Team that serves in ITV’s Laundry Shower Ministry, and maintains ongoing relationships with our friends on the streets. Marsha collaborates with Future in Humanity, O.C. United, Coast to Coast Foundation, and Mercy House to meet the needs of our homeless neighbors.

Marsha has been married to her wonderful husband Chris for over 30 years. They have two adult children who both live locally. When Chris isn’t surfing (his passion!), Marsha and Chris enjoy hosting gatherings at their house, game nights, hiking and enjoying nature, and Angels baseball games.

In her professional life, Marsha was an attorney in Texas until moving to California in 1995. After the move to California, Marsha “downsized” her law practice and has been employed full time as a Probate Paralegal for many years (which leaves more time for ministry!).

Alma Martinez


Worship Service Coordinator

Alma Martinez is an Orange County native. She graduated from Cal State Fullerton, where she earned a B.A. in English.  Alma has vast experience in office administration, which she acquired working in various law firms.  She also worked for Fullerton College, where she interacted with students on a regular basis—including “at risk” students. Alma has been married for over 30 years, and she has three grown children and four grandchildren.

Alma met Christ in 2005 and has been passionate since then about sharing her life-changing conversion experience with others as a reminder of God’s love and grace, His forgiveness, and His life-restoring power.  She is currently attending Talbot School of Theology, where she is working toward her M.A. in Theology.  She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family.  She finds ministry to be a strong calling upon her life and considers working at In The Vine to be a privilege and a great opportunity to serve others.

Paul Na



Paul Na is the Church Administrator at In The Vine. He loves Jesus and fixing things. He graduated from UCR with a BA in Sociology, and Biola with a MA in Apologetics. He fixes cars in his spare time, and generally like watching movies (you'll have to talk to him about The Godfather). He hopes to soon marry his fiancée Jacqueline, who has been a rock and steady partner in his journey to Christ and helping others. Paul loves helping people, and he sees his role as administrator as an extension of that calling. He also loves talking to people, forming relationships, and listening to people of all cultures and backgrounds, and he is amazed at how it opens his eyes to God’s diversity and God’s infinite reflection upon the hearts of his people.

Greg Ganssle


Church Council

Greg Ganssle has been thinking about the intersection of Christian faith and contemporary scholarship for over thirty years. He began as an undergraduate by skipping his classes and reading C.S. Lewis. After graduating from the University of Maryland in 1978, he worked in campus ministry on a variety of campuses with Campus Crusade for Christ. Hundreds of conversations with students from a wide variety of religious and philosophical perspectives drove him to a sustained self-study program. Eventually it occurred to him that he was reading philosophy. Since he had escaped college without taking a philosophy course, he decided to begin with Philosophy 101 at the age of 25. Within weeks he was hooked. Continuing to juggle his full time campus ministry responsibilities, he earned a Masters of Arts in philosophy from the University of Rhode Island (1990). He then went full time and earned his Ph.D. from Syracuse University (1995), where his dissertation on God’s relation to time won a Syracuse University Dissertation Award.  In addition to publishing nearly three dozen articles, chapters and reviews, Greg has edited two books, and is the author of Thinking about God: First Steps in Philosophy (Inter Varsity Press, 2004) and A Reasonable God: Engaging the New Face of Atheism (Baylor University Press, fall of 2009). Greg was part-time lecturer in the philosophy department at Yale for nine years. Now Greg is professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology. He has been married to Jeanie since 1985. They have three children, none of whom are philosophers. Although happily married, Greg has a secret crush on Jane Austen.

Richard Bouch


Church Council

Richard has worked in church ministry and education.  He has published a book and devotionals about the relationship between Christianity and the working life.  He has a PhD in History from the University of London.  Richard’s other interests include animals and the outdoors.  He is married to Jeanette.

Susan Buckles


Church Council

With her husband Tom, Susan has participated in launching several church plants and house churches.  Holding a Ph.D. in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, where her work focused on theological foundations for human and spiritual formation, her main career for the past 15 years has been homeschooling.  Transitioning from this, she hopes to combine her academic background and ministry of intercession to share with others the unfathomable goodness of God’s redemptive activity and Presence.

Denis Cruz


Church Council


Stephanie Guppy


Church Council