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What Is Alpha?

Alpha is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life and the Christian faith in a relaxed, friendly environment. The Alpha course meets once each week for eight weeks with the option of a day away. Sessions begin with food, followed by a short talk and time for discussion as a group. Topics include, “Who is Jesus?” and “Why and how do I pray?”

During the discussion, everyone is welcome to contribute their opinions and no question is considered hostile or too simple.  Questions might include: Is there a God? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? You are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish.

You don’t have to come to the whole course – just drop-in for the first session and see what you think. No pressure.

Who Is Alpha For?

Alpha is for anyone who is curious, and people attend from all backgrounds, religions, and viewpoints. They come to investigate questions about the existence of God, the purpose of life, the claims of Jesus and more. Some people want to get beyond religion and find a relationship with God that really changes life. Others come for the friendships that are built during the Alpha course.

How Much Will It Cost?

There is no charge for attending Alpha.

Sign Up

Our next Alpha will begin April 12th at 7:30pm and run for 8 weeks. We will be meeting at a local cafe. Contact us with questions or sign up here!