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Our Vision & Values


Our vision is to see the city transformed with the love of Jesus Christ. The great story of the Bible is God transforming our broken lives and world through the love of Jesus. So we want to join him in seeing his Kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


1. God-centeredness

We seek to make God the center of our lives – individually and as a community. He is the reason we do all that we do, and we believe that knowing Him is our highest good. As the name of our church implies, we believe that our life flows from our relationship with God. So we seek to live lives of active dependence upon Him, trusting that as we do, we will experience results that can’t be explained by our own efforts alone.

2. The Gospel

The gospel gives orientation to our lives. The gospel is the good news that through Jesus, the power of God’s kingdom has entered history to renew the whole world. When we believe and trust in Jesus (rather than ourselves), that kingdom power comes into our lives and begins working in us and through us.

3. Prayer

The kingdom life we are called into is a life lived with God. So prayer is a part of all that we do. It’s one of the main ways we cultivate our relationship with God, as we share our hearts with Him and listen to His voice. Prayer is also a crucial means by which God’s kingdom goes forward in our world. So we pray bold, expectant prayers, knowing that God listens and responds.

4. Transformation & Healing

The gospel does not leave us unchanged. As we live life with God, He works to heal and transform us. Where there has been sin, we come to experience forgiveness and freedom. Where there has been brokenness, we begin to experience healing and hope. God is in the process of thoroughly renovating our lives, so that we might become like Christ, and serve as instruments of His goodness in the world.

5. Community

The context for God’s transforming work is community. The church is not a collection of individuals but a community given birth by God’s Spirit. In this context, we are called to love one another as Jesus has loved us. We are also called to be a family in which loneliness, isolation, and division are overcome by God’s love. This kind of environment creates a safe place for people to know and be known, to share their burdens, and to encourage and strengthen one another. This kind of community also serves as a witness to the reality of God’s coming kingdom.

6. Servanthood

As God’s love comes into our lives, we change from being self-focused to being others-focused. So, as a church, we seek to live lifestyles of servanthood, following the model set for us by Jesus. We do this by using our gifts and resources to serve the needs of others.

7. The City

We know that God loves this city and is at work here, so we seek to join him in his mission here. We strive to love God and our neighbors by partnering with others to help foster a city that is a flourishing and good place for all to live.

8. Unity

Jesus prayed that his church “may be one.” He also said that the way the world would know that we truly are his followers is by our love for one another. So we seek to embrace and work alongside our brothers and sisters of other Christian churches. We believe that the only way we will see our city and region transformed is if the Church unites in love, humility, prayer, and service.

9. Three Streams

Undergirding all of these values is our desire to live lives and worship God in a way that is simultaneously Word-centered, Spirit-empowered, and sacramental. These “three streams” make up the river which flows from the life and ministry of Jesus. Often these streams are separated from one another, but we believe that Christianity is most potent when it cherishes and is nourished by these three streams.