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Children & Youth

At In the Vine, we love children and youth and see them as a vital part of the church. They worship with us and are fully welcomed into our worship services. One of the joys (and challenges) of worship is learning how to worship across the generations. It can be a bit messy at times, but we think it is well worth it.

At the same time, we understand that children have unique needs and aren't just "miniature adults." For that reason, we offer age-appropriate opportunities for children and youth. We have listed those below.

  • Ages 0 - 6: Little Ones is open through the entire service. Babies, toddlers, and young children receive excellent care as they play together, sing songs, hear Bible lessons, and participate in activities.
  • K - 6th Grade: Kids start off in the worship service, and then children’s ministers walk them to Children’s Church immediately prior to the Scripture readings. In addition to learning stories from the Bible, kids also do activities together. Afterward, they return to the service to join us for Communion.
  • Youth: Middle school and high school students are invited to worship with their families during the main worship service. Age-specific opportunities are available beyond Sundays.


For the promise is for you and for your children.

~ Acts 2